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New CCNA QOS Questions & Answers With Explanation

Question 1. Where should QoS marking be performed? A. Closest to the source of the traffic B. Closest to the Internet router C. On every device in the network D. On the core router in the network Answer A. Explanation It’s highly recommended that QoS marking should always be performed closest to the source of the traffic. All… Read More »

New CCNA MPLS Questions & Answers With Explanation

Question 1 Which routing protocol do MPLS providers typically use internally in the provider’s network? A. MP-BGP B. EIGRP C. OSPF D. IS-IS Answer A. Explanation MPLS providers typically use Multiprotocol-Border Gateway Protocol (MP-BGP) internally. This is because MP-BGP can advertise multiple routes while allowing logical separation between customers’ routes. Question 2 You have been asked to recommend… Read More »