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New CCNA Trunking Questions.

New CCNA Trunking Common Questions. These are updated commonly asked CCNA exam questions on trunking. you might come across these but in a different context, so it’s beneficial if you understand Trunking. Need a refresher; read Inter-VLAN routing   Question 1 Refer to the topology and router output shown in the exhibit: A technician is troubleshooting host connectivity… Read More »

New CCNA VTP and VLAN Lab Related Questions.

This is an Updated commonly asked VTP and VLAN exam questions. You might see a different IP addressing, VLAN configuration and Port allocation and VTP Configurations. As usual, take time to read through the question so as to clearly understand what Cisco want you to do. Note: This VTP LAB are used for demonstration only, you may come… Read More »